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High profitability system within anyone’s reach. Finally, a revolutionary way to make crypto-assets profitable with the help of experts.

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We are experts in crypto-asset profitability

Universal FX Crypto is a sophisticated technology investment system to make crypto-assets profitable led byGonzalo García-Pelayo together with an international team of experts in mathematics, economics and technology.

After several years researching blockchain technology, we are able to study in real time the evolution of the main crypto-assets and their sale price in different currencies and find the optimum moments to buy and sell. Our platform, from just $100, allows anyone to participate in the returns obtained.

Gozalo García-Pelayo


Gonzalo García-Pelayo heads Universal FX Crypto

Gonzalo García-Pelayo has been a music producer, film director, radio host, television host and is famous for having beat the casinos in the nineties with his roulette system, the story of which was taken to movie theaters with the film «The Pelayos». He has also written several books on betting, «The fabulous story of Los Pelayos», «Learn to play poker with Los Pelayos» y «Bet to win». In 2006 he opened his school to win at online poker “Los Pelayos Poker” and shortly afterwards, he revolutionized the world of sports betting. Now, he has turned all his experience to find a way to earn money with crypto-assets.

Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in
Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in
Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in
Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in
Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in
Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in
Article about Gonzalo García-Pelayo in


Profitability is our priority

The technology developed by Universal FX Crypto allows us to study the evolution of the main crypto-assets and their price in different currencies and operate in the market by using advanced algorithms. After years of research, we have optimized the system to obtain maximum profitability.

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of the main crypto-assets and their price in different currencies
  • AI algorithms developed to find the best opportunities
  • Optimization and continuous adaptation of the platform
Example of real-time operations


The system in action

From your control panel you can see at any time in real time how our Artificial Intelligence algorithms work, finding opportunities to obtain profitability in each operation performed.

See the system in action

Profitability, Security, Liquidity

We work to maximize profitability and unlike other platforms, we are 100% integrated with Blockchain technology (ensuring that contributions must always be on the platform and just one click away from your wallet) and you can request the return of your contribution after the end of the period for each contribution.

Proven investment system

Cost effectiveness

Blockchain integrated


Possibility of withdrawing the contribution


What we offer?

Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

The entire system is implemented to optimize performance and profitability

Daily payment

Daily payment

The platform delivers daily profitability obtained the previous day. Every weekday you will have in your account profits



You can request the recovery of the contribution after the period of your contribution has ended



Every day, the platform distributes the profitability obtained the previous day. Every working day you will have the profits obtained in your account



Contributions can be made with both BTCs and credit card

Technology / Innovation

Technology / Innovation

Years of research and development (R&D) and the latest technology serving the crypto-world

Available for anyone

Available for anyone

Any person, from $ 100, can participate in the profitability, experience and technology developed by Universal FX Crypto



In addition to Gonzalo García-Pelayo, behind Universal FX Crypto there is an international team of experts in mathematics, investments and technology

How can I participate?

Create an account

To register you only need to fill in the registration form and if you have been referred to us, the registration is free.
Create an account

Select the amount you want to contribute

Once inside your administration panel, click on Make a contribution and select the amount starting from $ 100

Start making profits

From the first moment you will begin to receive daily in your account the part that corresponds to you from the profitability obtained by the system the previous day.


Historical profitability

In the latest reports Universal FX Crypto is producing a daily return of between 0.5 and 1.5%.


Distribution of profits

Every day, the platform distributes the benefits obtained the previous day

Every day the profits obtained the previous day are distributed among the participants, of which Universal FX Crypto retains 35% in management and maintenance expenses.

  • 35% Management and maintenance expenses
  • 65% Profits collected daily


Our own administration platform

We have developed, entirely and from scratch, a platform of our own for administration. From any type of device, you can see the operations performed by the system in real-time, make new contributions, check the daily evolution of your participation, see the balance of your account, withdraw balance, ...

Administración y panel de control

Road Map

October 2017

Gonzalo García-Pelayo began to be interested in the peculiarities of cryptocurrencies and began to research ways to obtain profitability

March 2018

After several months of research and tests, Gonzalo discovered that there are inefficiencies between cryptocurrency markets and currencies

April 2018

He started working on his system with mathematical experts, engineers and analysts from different countries to develop algorithms and software to exploit the inefficiencies found

May 2019

After more than a year of development, tests and proven profits, now everything is ready to create a platform that allows the system to be brought closer to everyone meaning that anyone can invest. The new platform is going to be called Universal FX Crypto

June 2019

An American company specialized in Blockchain is hired to develop Universal FX Crypto

August 2019

Universal FX Crypto is integrated with blockchain. The first tests of investments and automatic withdrawals are made using this technology

September 2019

The platform is perfected so that some of the operations performed by the system can be seen in real time

End of September 2019

Pre-launch of the platform for the crypto-world

December 2019

Opening of offices in Madrid

January 2020

Launch of the platform for the public

OUR PLANSUniversal FX Crypto

  • 35% After 24 Hours
  • Minimum : $300
  • Maximum : $1000
  • 50% After 5 Days
  • Minimum : $1000
  • Maximum : $5000
  • 70% After 1 week
  • Minimum : $5000
  • Maximum : Maximum : Unlimited

High profitability available to everyone

From just $ 100, anyone can enjoy the crypto-asset management experience of Universal FX Crypto and the daily returns.


Frequent questions

  • Is there a guaranteed minimum return?

    Although historically it is achieving a daily return of between 0.5 and 1.5%, we cannot guarantee a minimum return, since the profitability obtained depends on a multitude of variables.

  • How can I participate?

    To participate you just have to open an account on the platform and make a contribution of at least $ 100.

  • What forms of payment exist to make contributions?

    They can be made directly in BTCs by sending the amount to the wallet that appears when you complete the process or pay directly by credit card.

  • How can I make contributions in Bitcoins?

    To make payments in Bitcoins it is necessary to have Bitcoins in a wallet. If you don't know how Bitcoins work you can find out here

  • Can I withdraw my contribution?

    Yes, when 90 days have passed since the contribution was made, you can request to withdraw the participation completely. To guarantee liquidity without damaging the complex process of purchases, sales and rebalances that occur every day in the market to generate the returns known, all refunds requested before the 15th of the corresponding month, will be paid between the 5th and 10th of the following month, to the wallet indicated in the box provided for this use. If requested after the 15th, the system will compute it for the following month's reimbursement. At the time of requesting the refund, the contribution goes to a state of return request and from that moment stops receiving profitability. If, as a result of a refund, an account is left without any contributions, it will stop obtaining returns and participating in the friend bonus. The same account, you can enjoy all the benefits again from the moment there is a minimum deposit of $ 100.

  • What value will my participation have if I decide to withdraw it?

    The value of the participation is calculated daily depending on the time it took place, the returns obtained and the demand for new contributions.

  • Is this not just another scam?

    Unfortunately, it is true that with the crypto currency boom, more and more scams are emerging. The difference between a scam and a real project is the information offered, the generation of value and the proven facts. Universal FX Crypto is a platform led by Gonzalo García-Pelayo, who has not only dedicated his life to the development of winning systems, but has repeatedly demonstrated that he is able to obtain economic advantages in environments where nobody had previously earned money. Our system generates value daily and, so that there can be no doubts it is distributed every day among the participants. In addition, Universal FX Crypto allows you to withdraw contributions at any time after the end of the participation period. Finally Universal FX Crypto is integrated with Blockchain, which means that the money is just one click away from each person's wallet and therefore has to be within the system. The fact that anyone can make a balance withdrawal at any time implies that the money deposited has to be available in the wallet of the platform in order to be transferred.

  • How are the returns received?

    The returns are paid daily in dollars in the account of each participant (except weekends and holidays).

  • Do you pay returns every day?

    "Profitability is calculated and distributed every working day, although if one day the result is negative, the returns will not be received. The entire team of professionals behind Universal FX Crypto has spent many hours developing the system and all our efforts are aimed at optimizing profitability, however, unfortunately it would not be correct to say that we achieve profitability every day. Some days, fortunately they are only few, the profitability obtained can be negative and on such a day there will be no distribution of that profitability."

  • Why do you not distribute profits on weekends?

    Our system works with different crypto-assets and their changes into different currencies. Currency markets do not work on weekends, which conditions us to operate only on weekdays.

  • When will my participation start to generate profitability?

    Depending on the time difference of each country and the moment in which the receipt of a contribution is confirmed, the collection of daily returns can take up to two to three days maximum..

  • Is there a minimum amount to withdraw my returns?

    Yes, in order to withdraw money it is essential to have a minimum of $ 50 accumulated in your account balance.

  • If I withdraw balance from my account, do I receive it in Bitcoins?

    Yes, balance withdrawals or of a contribution are always made in Bitcoins at the exchange rate existing between the dollar and Bitcoin at the time of the operation.

  • Is it possible to reinvest earnings?

    Yes, and to optimize your returns and take advantage of the enormous potential of compound interest, the accounts have the option of incorporating the profitability obtained automatically to the balance generated once the limit of $ 100 is reached.

  • What is compound interest?

    Compound interest is interest that produces interest, that is, interest in each period is added to the initial capital to produce new interest.

  • Is there a risk?

    We have been researching and developing our platform for a long time and although it is true that so far our results have been positive, operating in the crypto-assets market implies a high level of risk. Although the team of specialists and professionals behind Universal FX Crypto works daily to obtain the best results, crypto-assets are always high-risk markets. Whenever crypto-assets are acquired, we must be aware of all the associated risks and bear in mind that high returns always imply taking greater risks and of course if you have any doubts you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

  • What security is implemented in the accounts that open in Universal FX Crypto ?

    All accounts opened in Universal FX Crypto have the option to configure double authentication (2FA) for account access and for withdrawals. In addition, to avoid phishing (email is sent by someone impersonating Universal FX Crypto) all communications sent from Universal FX Crypto incorporate a special phrase that the user must choose.

  • By participating in Universal FX Crypto, am I buying cryptocurrencies?

    No, when you participate in Universal FX Crypto you are contributing capital to a system that invests in different crypto assets, but you are not acquiring cryptocurrencies as such. You acquire a right to collect the daily return obtained by your contribution.

  • How does Universal FX Crypto operate?

    We continuously monitor and analyze the evolution of thousands of crypto-assets and their exchange rate in different currencies and through the use of advanced algorithms we detect real-time buying/selling opportunities. Depending on each moment we can operate in several crypto-assets simultaneously or in only a few or none. The value of our system is in knowing what crypto-assets, what currencies and at what time you have to buy or sell and that information, of course, we cannot make public.

  • Do you invest in Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is one of thousands of crypto-assets whose evolution we track and analyze and as for the rest of crypto-assets, depending on each moment we can carry out operations with it.

  • Does Universal FX Crypto use Blockchain technology?

    Yes, the platform is integrated with Blockchain, which facilitates that for example payments are automated and when a withdrawal is requested it is done instantly.

  • Can I recommend it to my friends?

    Yes of course. Furthermore, there is a referral program that offers advantages for the person making the recommendation. You can see more information in the referral program.

  • Can I register directly with Universal FX Crypto?

    Universal FX Crypto does not market its services directly, it does so through affiliates or independent distributors, so you will have to contact one of them on that subject. You can go to the official pages of Universal FX Crypto in Instagram and in Facebook and insert a question there in the comments of the posts so that one of our independent distributors can contact you personally.

  • Can I make different contributions from the same account?

    Yes, you can contribute as many times as you want. The only limit is that the minimum amount for each contribution is $ 100 and the sum of all contributions made from the same account cannot exceed $ 100,000.

  • Is there a referral program or a friends plan?

    Yes, find out here.

  • Do I have to pay tax on the profits obtained?

    Yes, the profits obtained must be declared based on the taxation of your country of residence. Our recommendation is that if you have any questions, seek advice from a professional expert and always comply with the tax obligations of the country where you reside.

  • What are the management and maintenance costs?

    To cover the necessary expenses for the operation of the platform, we withdraw 35% of the profits generated, in this way daily when we make the payment of the profitability obtained, 35% is withdrawn to maintain the platform and the remaining 65% is distributed. It is important to note that Universal FX Crypto only obtains income when money is earned.

  • Is any other type of commission charged?

    No, Universal FX Crypto only charges 35% for management and maintenance expenses of the daily benefits obtained. When making contributions or withdrawals from the balance, a small commission is charged, but it is not for Universal FX Crypto, rather to cover the expenses of the transfer of BTCs through Blockchain and to cover the possibility of increases or decreases in the price of Bitcoin with respect to the dollar, since the contribution or withdrawal is requested.

  • Do you have an App for Android or iPhone?

    No, Universal FX Crypto is adapted to access with any mobile device but no specific App for Android or iPhone has been developed. Any App that is advertised from the iPhone or Android stores does not belong to Universal FX Crypto and therefore will not allow trading with Universal FX Crypto accounts.

  • What does Gonzalo García-Pelayo contribute to Universal FX Crypto?

    "After his successes in different fields such as casinos, pool, poker and sports betting, Gonzalo García-Pelayo has been able to find a way to make crypto-assets profitable. Gonzalo contributes all this knowledge and experience and together with a team of experts has created Universal FX Crypto to make it available to everyone."

Our team

The people

Gonzalo García-Pelayo
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Gonzalo García-Pelayo
President & CEO
Oscar García-Pelayo
Oscar García-Pelayo
Manuel Arniz
Manuel Arniz
Expansion Manager
Rubén Arcas
Rubén Arcas
Network Development Manager
Cristina Kelly López
Cristina Kelly López
Social Media Director
Alejandro Mejia
Alejandro Mejia
Creative Director


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